Lab Day

An exclusive FREE event to innovate, collaborate, and transform ideas into reality.
A Collaborative Tech ActivatED Event

Join us for an extraordinary “FREE” Power Weekend filled with opportunities to make a real impact on our community and sharpen your skills for the emerging market. This dynamic event brings together individuals, experts, and organizations for a weekend of inspiration, learning, and collaboration.

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Roundtables, Workshops, & Project Collaborations

  • Inspiration: Gain insights during roundtables from industry experts and thought leaders who have successfully navigated emerging markets.

  • Skill Enhancement: Participate in skill-building workshops tailored to the needs of today’s dynamic business landscape.

  • Networking: Connect with a diverse community of passionate individuals and organizations committed to positive change.

  • Action: Roll up your sleeves and make a tangible impact inside the Lab Day Project Pods – Community, Corporate, or Contracts


benefits to LAB DAY

Innovate & Elevate: Immerse yourself in a collaborative environment where groundbreaking ideas come to life! Our lab day is the playground for innovation, providing the space and support for founders and developers to turn their creative sparks into game-changing solutions.

Forge Powerful Connections: Connect with a network of like-minded visionaries, forming teams that blend diverse skills and perspectives. Build lasting relationships that extend beyond the lab, opening doors to potential partnerships, mentorship, and a vibrant entrepreneurial community.

Accelerated Learning Curve: Take a leap in your skill set by working alongside top-notch developers and seasoned founders. Our hands-on approach ensures a steep learning curve, providing invaluable insights, strategies, and technical expertise that can fast-track your project and personal growth.

Pitch to Pro Investors: It’s not just about building – it’s about showcasing. Get the chance to pitch your project to a panel of pro investors eagerly seeking the next big thing. Elevate your project’s visibility and gain the attention it deserves, possibly securing the backing needed for future success.

Exclusive Resources & Prizes: Gain access to cutting-edge tools, resources, and mentorship throughout the lab day. Plus, the cherry on top – compete for exciting prizes that range from startup essentials to exclusive opportunities that could catapult your project to new heights!


EVENT Details

Experience a unique team-building process that pairs you with diverse talents – from visionary founders to skilled developers. Our algorithm ensures optimal team dynamics, fostering creativity and collaboration.

Dive into specialized workshops led by industry experts. From ideation techniques to hands-on development tips, these sessions provide invaluable insights, ensuring you’re equipped with the latest tools and strategies.

Digtal Access to Resources

Each pod will be equipped with multiple monitors and workstations, high-speed internet, and access to development tools and platforms. We’ve got everything you need to be productive and innovative.

 Enjoy round-the-clock access to a vast pool of resources, including cutting-edge technologies, mentorship, and online collaboration tools. Whether you’re a night owl coder or an early bird strategist, we’ve got you covered.

Engage in real-time feedback sessions with mentors and industry professionals. Receive constructive critiques, gather insights, and fine-tune your project throughout the event, ensuring it reaches its full potential.

Networking Extravaganza

Connect with a diverse group of founders, developers, and investors during our networking breaks and social events. Forge meaningful connections that extend beyond the lab day, fostering opportunities for future collaborations and partnerships.

Join us this March in the vibrant city of Detroit for an exhilarating edition of Lab Day – where innovation meets collaboration in the tech world!

At the heart of Detroit’s thriving tech scene, Lab Day promises a day filled with creativity, teamwork, and breakthroughs. Whether you’re looking to dive into product development, explore new tech horizons, or network with leading minds in the industry, Lab Day Detroit is your platform to shine.

Mark your calendars and get ready to unleash your potential in an event that’s all about pushing boundaries and fostering technological innovation!

Michigan - Detroit

Lab Day 2024

Date: June 15th

Location:Oakland County Community College – Southfield

Capacity: 150 Participants

Partners: Amazon, Let’s Talk Roundtable, Power Tour, The Wknd Co, Advisor Union, Build Skill Foundation, and More…